riffs from GCAS’ deconstruction series

borders and deconstruction / nomadic physicality

we deconstruct borders to be global, to be mobile. in doing so, we stratify into our own borders. does the border deconstruct, or do we?

when you move, you deconstruct yourself in one place and reconstruct in another. you are deconstructed in order to reconstruct new worlds and new possibilities. yet if we are deconstructed, there can be no future, only possibilities. perhaps, the only way to construct a new world is to deconstruct yourself. not just intellectually, but spatially and relationally.

you must remain deconstructed- a medium, a vessel, a body without organs- to make room for new possibilties to emerge. but then we are simply and forever, deconstructed organs in a plethora of possible utopias.

are the deconstructed the only ones who can experience utopia? yet the experience itself constructs anew. we are reborn and re-sacrificed. are these pursuers-of-worlds martyrs of the future. or victims, sacrificed by the futures they seek to create? cut up into pieces, eaten by collective hunger. the future is well fed.

“to think is to all the time to be at the border.” - being and belonging

we are at many borders. the organs breathe space into the margins of new thought and action. their collective sigh is choreographed through tempo, the disembodied we, becomes constituted all at once, emancipated, across the spacetime continuum. no longer the re-constructed, only the always-being-constructed. this is the border.